Whipple Creek Guitars
     Welcome to the Creek! I'm Terry Whipple and I build handcrafted acoustic guitars with attention to projection, clarity and balanced tone. I work very hard to produce not only a great sounding instrument, but one that feels good and performs well in your hands. The top and back are meticulously voiced to work together in harmony, a box that responds to string vibration in a way to blend your body, emotions and guitar as one. The projection, tone and ease of play allow you to focus and improve your technique and dexterity, ultimately making you a better player.
    My shop and home are nestled in the beautiful Shawnee hills of southern Illinois. I've had a lifelong interest and experience with my hands on wood in about every way imaginable.  Coupled with playing and repair of guitars over 30 years, building became just an extension of my abilities. My defining moment came as a result of losing the fingertips of two fingers on my left hand. Switching to left handed and not being satisfied with my searches, I began my creative journey leading me into my present day career. As a result I build left handed with the same attention to detail as right handed.
   I would love to hear from you.

*News* I'll be upgrading to a new and better site in a few weeks.

   Give me a call at 618-559-2317 or email

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