Long scale Triple O with red spruce and Cuban mahogany.

This 30s National came in a paper grocery sack completely apart with no sides or tuners. The guy said how do you like my case. What a wonderful chance to get detailed measurements. 

Triple O German spruce top, figured Granadillo B/S, brazilian headplate with a flame mahogany neck.

All mahogany Gibson. Previous repair attempt with JB weld didn't end well. Needed a neck reset and refret too. A rectangle of the top and the bridgeplate was completely torn out so the original bridge couldn't be used, the top was also very thin which might have caused the problem in the first place. The owner opted for an SJ type replacement. Had to reform the top, glue loose bracing, cracks, and made a new bridgeplate and bridge which covered the hole nicely and reinforced the area. Turned out to be one of the loudest guitars I've heard.

Gibson style lefty Indian rosewood B/S and red spruce top.

Old brazilian Martin. Rebraced the top and french polished the entire guitar. You can see original saw marks on the back.‚Äč

Handcrafted Acoustics

Old Washburn brazilian parlor redo. Neck was loose and rebuilt the dovetail, top was caved and loose back bracing. Completely restored and rebraced top. Pretty sweet.

Me and legendary songwriter Verlon Thompson at the Old Feed Store.

Old Lyon and Healy mando. New fretboard and bridge. Neck reset was tricky. Original case

Gibson C&W. Adjustable bridge cracked and had a large tone killing rosewood bridgeplate. The owner wanted a fixed saddle bridge, and I don't blame him. A maple bridgeplate the appropriate size was also made.

My son Noah and Wilbur the robin I rehabbed.

Gibson J50 with new wooden  bridge to replace the plastic adjustable one and new bridgeplate. Thinned the pickguard, refretted with new nut.

WDBX community radio silent auction Ukulele signed by all the volunteer DJs. 15th anniversary.

Robert Bowlin's brazilian Bednark. It was built with a classical neck/headblock design, hence no neck reset. He sawed off the neck so I made a new neck and cut a dovetail in the block. No room for error. Also a new brazilian bridge.

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